Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Lost wealth in the economic downturn? Need some help?

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Citywealth is a wealth and philanthropy media company set up in October 2005. Karen Jones, the founder and Editor has spent many years gathering information about private investment and asset management; managing substantial wealth including charitable and philanthropy monies and issues around this.

She understands that sometimes, even if you have lots of money, you may have worries that are difficult to share. She also understands that sometimes your advisers or managers may be dealing with situations which are beyond their capability, meaning you could need help choosing new professionals to work with. And often even though you have substantial wealth, working out how to begin in the private wealth industry is like trying to scale a fifty foot wall - the challenge is so immense, you just might not bother but if you have more than £5million/$10million it is wise to upgrade from retail. Your entrepreneurial skill makes money but investments (believe it or not at the moment!) are the way to increase your wealth - a commonly known fact among the mega wealthy. And if you are more wealthy then we hope you will become more philanthropic - we can help you have a good experience in this world too. (It isnt quite as easy as handing over some cash).

Times are very difficult and we are not perfect at Citywealth but we do have a substantial information base to share about private wealth and philanthropy and a large, global network of people to check back with to try to help out, which we will happily do so.

We are friendly; don't sell any investments ourselves or take any commissions from anyone. Our opportunity is to connect anyone who needs help with wealth professionals, usually with someone we think is suitable - and we do so with integrity and with personalities considered. We can also help manage that situation if you wish. Beauty parades sound fun, but are filled with jargon and schmoozing. We hope to be a comfort in a trying or unknown situation.

Whether you want to change a philanthropy consultant; have no idea why you need to know what your risk profile is; want to change your private bank; are worried sick by the turmoil; don't know what to do about a trust; want to ask us what the heck you are going to do about a wealth problem; need help picking an adviser or manager for a specific issue (we know what people specialise in); are considering calling someone you can see we are connected with - then we can give you our view for free (we are not regulated by any financial authority nor professional investment advisers or managers - we simply offer a view). We want to make your experience in the private wealth industry more pleasant and we hope more profitable or at least what you expect. It isn't easy to get information in the private wealth industry - it is closed door - simply because the world by its very nature is filled with niche and very private issues.

If you are having problems in the industry we can also help, just let us know and we will try and use our influence with financial authorities to make issues known.

Ultimately we have discovered that the wealth industry is vast and confusing and a gentle hand holding from us, helps you and the professionals in the industry work better. We dont dazzle with brochures filled with volumes of words or spin - its just us making suggestions based on what you say.

We may not be able to help, but if we can we will.

Our heartfelt sympathies go out to those in Palm Beach who have lost money in the Madoff fraud. We understand this is a very distressing time and it will affect your retirement experience and charitable works. If we can help by promoting any charitable works to our readers who are a host of global uhnw individuals and their wealth advisers and managers then please contact us below. In terms of recouping money in this instance, I suspect we will be of no help as it is a major fraud and perhaps one for the criminal courts.

Our speciality is dealing with individuals with more than £5million up to tens and hundreds of millions and billions. We also know about margin calls (when loans get called in and how to manage it); Switzerland, offshore markets, new US tax rules/regimes, family fights and divorce. We also know that you could be considered difficult to deal with and may not have many people who can talk to you in a way that you may need to change or move forward with change.

We can also help with connecting you with our audience of uhnw individuals and their advisors and managers via editorial articles if this helps you gain business. All articles can be quote checked and our editorial policy is collaborative and not designed to embarrass or annoy.

And everything you say to us is confidential unless we agree with you otherwise.

We do not help anyone who wishes to perpetuate any fraud or tax evasion. Tax avoidance is another matter entirely - ensuring you don't pay twice tax on the same investments because of international tax rules.

Karen Jones
kjones AT j-p-c.tv

Tel: 020 7495 1697 (London, UK)

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